Microcontrollers ITRONIX CERTIFIED

Learn VLSI Training


Course Overview

  1. VLSI Design today has acquired the status of the most happening field in Electronics. It is a highly specialized field that has the power of integrating millions of transistors on a single Silicon Chip. VLSI is finding its extensive applications in Consumer Electronics, Defense, Aerospace, Set Top Entertainment Boxes, Computer Peripherals, Satellites, Cell Phones, and many more.
  2. Further growing technological requirements have created an unprecedented demand for design of VLSI Design. That fuelled huge demand for the professionals in this area of expertise. SiON is now offering career courses geared towards meeting this rising global demand.

Course Syllabus

  1. Module1 : Digital Logic Design
  2. Module2 : Project Management
  3. Module3 : RTL Coding using Verilog HDL
  4. Module4 : Functional Verification using Verilog HDL
  5. Module5 : Mini Project – using Verilog
  6. Module6 : Overview of Interface protocols
  7. Module7 : Overview of SoC Architectures
  8. Module8 : Advanced Functional Verification using SystemVerilog
  9. Module9 : Advanced Functional Verification using UVM Methodology
  10. Module10 : Advanced features of EDASimulator for effective debugging of SystemVerilog/UVM
  11. Module11 : Mini Project – using SystemVerilog
  12. Module12 : Overview of ASIC EDA Flow
  13. Module13 : Advanced FPGA Implementation
  14. Module14 : Industry standard Project
  15. Module15 : Virtual Interview Workshops