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What is Textpattern?

Textpattern is a free open source content management system unlike any other; it allows you to easily create, edit and publish content and make it beautiful in a professional, standards-compliant manner.

Is it for me?

Yes, if you appreciate wonderful web experiences, Textpattern is for you. Whether you create the experience yourself — with the extensive control Textpattern gives you over markup and styles — or have a designer help you, the end result will be the same: happily publishing content in a straight-forward, intuitive way, and with the satisfaction of knowing your system is sound and secure.

So it’s stable and secure, then?

Absolutely. The development team and community thoroughly test each release before it is made public. Be assured the software is robust, reliable, and mature.

Is it extensible?

Very much so. On its own, Textpattern is a well-hued and reliable machine, but the sky’s the limit. A multitude of plugins are available from our talented community that permit you to shape Textpattern to whatever need you have. Find the plugin you need, paste it into the admin area and activate it. Simple as that! No PHP or other programming knowledge required.
What are you waiting for? Download a free copy of Textpattern and get started today.


  1. Foreword
  2. A Brief Introduction
  3. Phase 1: Installation (or The Honeymoon)
  4. Phase 2: The Interface (or Um, What Am I Supposed To Be Clicking On?)
  5. Phase 3: How TXP Works (or What Exactly Is Going On?)
  6. Phase 4: Using TXP (or It’s Very Pretty, But What Should I Do Now?)
  7. Phase 5: Creating Content and Overall Satisfaction (or Hooray! I did it… Except Oh There’s A Tiny Thing I Want To Tweak)