Selenium training in jalandhar

WebDriver Concept and Functions in Practice

  1. Introduction to WebDriver Interface
  2. Downloading and configuring WebDriver in eclipse
  3. Opening & Closing browsers
  4. Creating Firefox profile
  5. Implementation of WebDriver with HtmlUnit Driver
  6. Installing & Using Firebug and FirePath Add-ons in Firefox
  7. Identifying WebElements using id, name, link text, class, xpath, tagname etc
  8. Creating Customized xPath’s & CSS Selector’s.
  9. Handling Input Box/Buttons, WebList, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes & Links
  10. Extracting links and other WebElements
  11. Capturing screenshots
  12. Handling Pop-up windows, Alerts & iFrames
  13. Simulating the Keyboard Keypress events
  14. Verifying Text Contents in Web Page
  15. Handling Hover Menu
  16. Handling sliders, drag & drop Actions
  17. Selenium Javadocs
  18. Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  19. Cookie Testing
  20. Data Parameterization with MS Excel
  21. Test Logging & Reading Configuration Files

Advanced WebDriver

  1. Handling Dynamic WebTables
  2. Implicit and Explicit WebDriver Wait Conditions
  3. Invoking JavaScript Functions
  4. Managing variable xpaths


  1. Installing TestNg in Eclipse
  2. Understanding usage of TestNg annotations
  3. Running a Test
  4. Batch Running of tests
  5. Skipping Tests
  6. Parameterizing Tests
  7. Assertions/Reporting Errors
  8. TestNg Reports
  9. Advantages over Junit
  10. Using TestNg in Selenium
  11. Downloading and configuring Ant
  12. Build.xml configuration
  13. XSLT report generation using TestNg and Ant
  14. Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT

Selenium Grid-2

  1. Selenium grid 2 introduction
  2. Configuration of Grid
  3. Setting up Hub, Node
  4. Grid Console
  5. TestNG for Parallel execution
  6. Creating a Grid sample test case
  7. End to end scenario building and execution on Grid -demonstration on one node
  8. End to end scenario building and execution on Grid -demonstration on multiple nodes
  9. End to end scenario building and execution on Grid -demonstration on multiple and on multiple browsers

tSelenium IDE

  1. Record and Playback
  2. Locating elements by id, xPath, DOM, CSS, etc
  3. Verifying Page Elements
  4. Significance of JavaScript Extensions
  5. Converting Selenese Scripts to WebDriver Scripts

Hybrid Framework Implementation on any Live Web Application