NX CAM Training in Jalandhar | ITRONIX SOLUTION


NX CAM is a part of Unigraphics NX, owned by Siemens PLM Software, meant for computer aided manufacturing including numerical control programming and all kinds of subtractive and additive manufacturing.
NX CAM is used for doing quality and thorough manufacturing plan- that starts from defining the manufacturing plan to taking it to the shop floor for execution.

Why should you learn?

NX CAM offers complete solutions for part manufacturing- from CAM to CNC controller. It will help you reduce numerical control programming and machining time, so that you can produce better quality products.
NX CAM also includes solutions for tooling design software and machine tool controllers. You can create efficient tool paths for machinery and heavy equipment parts. It helps you maximize the use of manufacturing resources and maximize your returns on investment in machine tool technology.
NX CAM is widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical devices, mould and die, and machinery industries.

Learning Objectives

At ITRONIX SOLUTION, our courses help you master NX CAM’s specialized and industry specific capabilities such as:

  1. Production automation

    1. NX CAM supports your full range of manufacturing engineering needs and can help you achieve production automation requirements – from shop floor manufacturing to large batch production.
  2. Data & Process Management

    1. This feature enables your manufacturing engineering and production teams work together using a single source of information. It eliminates the need for using multiple databases right from when you use 3D model to finished products. The emphasis is on the reuse of data.
  3. Advanced Applications for Programming

    1. NX CAM’s advanced applications help you to program multi-axis machine tools, and multi-turns. Other solutions for machine tool programming, post-processing and machining simulation.
  4. Integrated Solution

    1. This feature lets the production team to use CAD tools for modeling new parts and preparing part models for CAM. The CAM solution has latest user interaction techniques and intuitive graphics-driven programming that lets the creation of NC programs quickly.
  5. Post processing and simulation

    1. Using this functionality, NC codes required for any type of machine tool and controller configuration can be easily generated. This improves manufacturing productivity by automating NC programming.

Learning Outcome

  1. You will know how to develop part geometry & develop, iterate, simulate and finalize the form and function.
  2. You will know how to create, optimize, production-ready machining programs.
  3. You will know how to create a wide range of functionality – from simple NC programming to high speed and multi-axis machining.
  4. You will know how to execute:
    1. Tooling and fixture design
    2. Part modeling preparation
    3. Data and process management
    4. CMM programming
    5. Process planning
    6. Shop floor program validation
    7. Cutting tool management
    8. Shop floor data access
    9. Shop floor quality inspection
    10. Direct numerical control
    11. Machine tool control
  5. You will know how to do roughing operations to improve machining efficiency for turbines and multi-bladed parts