NX CAD Industrial Training



Unigraphics NX, owned by Siemens PLM Software, is an integrated and advanced CAD, CAE, and CAM solution. NX is used for parametric design, direct solid and surface modeling, simulation with respect to static, thermal, dynamic and electromagnetic aspects and manufacturing.

Why should you learn?

Unigraphics NX is an advanced CAD product, and not a general purpose CAD solution. NX is used by various diversified industries. Since it is integrated with all stages of product development, it can vastly improve design, simulation and manufacturing productivity. It can help you develop better products much faster.
NX is the only solution that deploys synchronous technology for flexible design in open environment. The software has a large user base and vibrant community of users who help each other in moving up the learning curve.

Learning Objectives

At ITRONIX SOLUTION, we help you master the following features of NX:

  1. Design Parametric solid modeling, free-form surface modeling, reverse engineering, styling, and computer aided industrial design, engineering drawing and drafting, product and manufacturing information, reporting and analytics, verification and validation, knowledge based engineering, reuse, sheet metal design, assembly modeling, digital mockups, routing for electrical wiring, and mechanical piping.
  2. Simulation Stress analysis, finite element method, kinematics, complete fluid dynamics, thermal analysis
  3. Manufacturing Numerical control programming

Learning Outcome

  1. You will learn advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modeling, and documentation.
  2. You will learn to do product design, industrial design and styling (optimize form, fit, function and user experience), streamline 2D design, drafting, documentation with powerful tools for layout, drawing, and 3D annotation, electromechanical design.
  3. You will do assembly design, sheet metal design, and template based design.
  4. You will learn to integrate electrical, electronic, mechanical designs and processes.
  5. You will know reuse of design information and process knowledge
  6. You will learn how to carry out multi-discipline simulation involving structural, motion, thermal, flow, and multi-physics applications
  7. You will know how to perform CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing, fine element assembly management, multi-CAE environments.
  8. You can carry out visual analysis and validation which will give you high quality performance insights for product decisions.
  9. You will learn complete part manufacturing solutions for tooling, machining, and quality inspection.