Best Web Development Training in Jalandhar & Best MySQL Industrial Training in Jalandhar


MySQL Course Content

  1. A brief history of databases
  2. Relational database concepts
  3. Database tables
  4. MySQL Data types
  5. Introduction to PHPMyadmin
  6. Creating and Checking Tables
  7. Auto_increment and Primary Keys
  8. Inserting Values into Tables

Mini Project with PHP and MySQL

  1. Creation of database and required tables using PHPMyadmin.
  2. Creation of required templates, pages and managing site using IDEDreamweaver.
  3. Keeping structure, style and behavior of created pages apart.
  4. Creating login and logout pages for maintaining sessions.
  5. Creating forms to insert data into address book-personal details, image etc.
  6. Creating page to view the data from address book.
  7. Adding PHPScript for form validation.
  8. Adding server side validation.
  9. Adding mouse events like mouseout and mouseover dynamically.
  10. Creating page to edit or delete the records in the address book.
  11. Creating page to enable searching the address book.

Introduction to Ajax

  1. What is ajax
  2. Connecting to server using PHPScript
  3. Downloading data behind scenes
  4. Modifying web pages on the fly
  5. Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object in different browsers
  6. Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object’s readyState property
  7. Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object’s status property
  8. Getting Your Data With the XMLHttpRequest Object
  9. Problems creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
  10. Fetching Text Data From the server
  11. Using the text data received through XMLHttpRequest