Best Complete Exploit Research Development Training in Jalandhar & Best Complete Exploit Research Development Industrial Training in Jalandhar

This course is based on the widely popular open-source tool Metasploit. The course is aimed at teaching participants the advance usage of Metasploit framework, going many steps ahead than simply “point-click-exploit”. It will train participants in using the varied “modules” included in Metasploit and how to efficiently use them to exploit vulnerabilities. Database hacking and real-world attack scenarios using Metasploit will be demonstrated. Finally, the participants will also learn the steps needed to create and add their own exploits to the Metasploit Framework.

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the Metasploit Exploitation Framework
  2. Understand Advance exploitation using Metasploit
  3. Extend the Metasploit framework with custom exploit/modules

Who should attend this training?

  1. Security Enthusiasts who wish to understand security from the “attacker’s seat”
  2. Security Professionals looking to enhance their skills in ‘pen-test’ with advance usage of Metasploit

Skill Pre-requisites

  1. Basic knowledge about information security
  2. Depth- knowledge in networks (TCP/IP)
  3. Familiar with command line interface

Course Contents

Session One

  1. Module 1: Metasploit Fundamentals
    1. Module 1.1: Exploit
    2. Module 1.2: Payloads
    3. Module 1.3: Auxillary
  2. Module 2: Network Reconnaissance with Metasploit

Session Two

  1. Module 3: Metasploit Payload
  2. Module 4: Meterpreter and Post Exploitation

Session Three

  1. Module 5: Client-side Exploitation
    1. Module 5.1: Browser
    2. Module 5.2: PDF
    3. Module 5.3: EXE

Session Four

  1. Module 6:  Advance MSF Usage
    1. Module 6.1: Pass-the-Hash
    2. Module 6.2: DB_Autopwn
    3. Module 6.3: Importing Nmap/Nessus XML

Session Five

  1. Module 7: Metasploit Add-ons
    1. Module 7.1: Armitage
    2. Module 7.2: SET
    3. Module 7.2: Fast-track

Session Six

  1. Module 8: Fuzzing with Metasploit

Session Seven

  1. Module 9: Porting Exploits to Metasploits