Local SEO Marketing


SEO Course Syllabus:

Introduction to SEO:

  1. What is Search engine optimization?
  2. History of Search engines?
  3. How is SEO important in digital marketing?
  4. How is search engine important for companies?
  5. How can search engine impact the brand and sales of a company?
  6. How does search engine algorithm work?
  7. Components of search engine?
  8. Different types of search engine?
  9. Operators used in search engine
  10. Algorithms used in SEO
  11. Updates of SEO

Google Webmasters Tools

  1. Adding a Site and Verification Process
  2. Configuration
  3. Settings
  4. Geographic Settings
  5. URL Parameters
  6. Site Links
  7. Crawl Errors / Stats
  8. Google Fetch
  9. Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
  10. Traffic
  11. Search Queries
  12. Links to Site / Internal Links
  13. Optimization
  14. Sitemaps
  15. Remove URLS from index
  16. HTML Suggestions
  17. Content Keywords

Research and Analysis Of Keywords:

  1. Importance of keywords in seo
  2. What are keywords?
  3. Analysis of keywords of a particular company
  4. Research on keywords
  5. Different types of keywords
  6. Analysis of keywords using google ad words
  7. Competitor analysis
  8. Fitting right keywords to the project

On Page Optimization

  1. How is on page optimization important in seo
  2. Web layout structure
  3. Codes used in website
  4. Design factors and guidelines
  5. Differences between dynamic and static sites?
  6. Domain name optimization
  7. File name and folder name optimization
  8. Title tag optimization
  9. Meta tags optimization
  10. How to write meta description
  11. Meta robots
  12. Header optimization
  13. Footer optimization
  14. Anchor link optimization
  15. Content writing for seo
  16. Site maps submission
  17. Image optimization
  18. URL optimization
  19. Robots.txt
  20. Dynamic site optimization techniques:
  21. WordPress SEO
  22. Black hat SEO techniques.

Off page Optimization

  1. Introduction to off page optimization
  2. Factors affecting offsite optimization
  3. Importance of offsite optimization
  4. Current scenario of search engine optimization
  5. On page optimization versus off page optimization
  6. How to build links?
  7. Type of linking methods
  8. Link checking tools
  9. Directory submissions
  10. Social book marking
  11. Posting classifieds
  12. Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
  13. Local listing
  14. Forum signatures
  15. Article submissions
  16. Importance of social buttons and social media
  17. Press release submission

SEO Reporting:

  1. Website position analysis
  2. Monthly reports
  3. Cyclic SEO