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Linux Kernel Debugging Industrial Training


Course Name

Linux Kernel Debugging Training – KDB, KGDB (Kernel GDB) and Crash Analysis Training

Course Overview

Kernel Debugging Training Course focuses on Live Kernel Debugging as well as Crash Analysis of the Linux Kernel. It starts by defining the concept of kernel oops and kernel hang followed by various kernel helpers available to check the state of the kernel data structures. Subsequently it covers live debugging using GDB, KDB and KGDB and their capabilities. It also covers setting up kernel memory dump and crash analysis. The course is a full hands-on lab with lots of exercises to be done by participants for live debugging of kernel as well as loadable modules with/without kernel bugs.

Course Delivery

  1. The course will be delivered by our Founder & CTO who is an Expert with 5+ years of experience in Linux Kernel and software development.
  2. 50% Theory, 50% Lab
  3. Hands-On Details – See the course outline below
  4. Location: Sanfoundry Institute, Bangalore, India

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Target Audience

  1. Professionals knowledgable in Linux Systems
  2. Developers and Testing/QA people focussing on Linux Internals and Kernel Development & Testing
  3. Linux L3 Support and Advanced Administration Professionals focusing on Support / Admin / Troubleshooting
  4. Linux Kernel Hackers

Course Pre-requisite

Good Knowledge of Linux and Deep Desire to Make or Break a Linux Kernel.

Fee, Schedule & Registration
Click Here for Linux Kernel Debugging Course training schedule, fee and registration information or if you are interested in Class-room training @Jalandhar.

Linux Kernel Debugging Training Course Outline

  1. Intro to Kernel Debugging
  2. Kernel OOPS
  3. Kernel Hang Kernel Helpers for Debugging
  4. Ksysmoops
  6. /proc/kallsyms
  7. /proc/kcore
  8. Objdump – s vmlinux
  9. /var/log/messages
  10. Syslogd
  11. Magic SysRq
  12. Kernel Debuggers
  13. gdb analysis of Live Kernel
  14. Limitations of gdb analysis
  15. kdb analysis of Live Kernel
  16. Limitations of kdb analysis
  17. kgdb analysis of Live Kernel
  18. Setting up kdb and kgdb
  19. kexec / kdump
  20. LKCD
  21. Linux Kernel Crash Dump Analysis
  22. Crash Dump Process
  23. How kexec / kdump Works
  24. Settinp up Kexec/Kdump
  25. crashkernel parameter
  26. Set up, Testing and Running Crash
  27. Crash Analysis
  28. Hands-on Lab
  29. Configuring the Kernel for Debugging
  30. Kernel Parameters for KDB and KGDB
  31. Building Kernel for Debugging
  32. Turning on Magic Sysrq Keys
  33. Debugging a Live Kernel using gdb, kdb and kgdb
  34. Printing Kernel Global Variables and Code
  35. Loading a Debug Module using kdb and kgdb
  36. Insert bug(s)
  37. make system hang
  38. Crash and Analyze