Linux Administration Industrial Training

Part-I Introduction

  1. Introduction to Linux
  2. History of LINUX
  3. Planning your Installation
  4. Issues with Software’s
  5. Issues with hardware
  6. Installation of LINUX
  7. Updation and Registration of LINUX
  8. Some basic commands of LINUX (cover almost each and every command from A-Z)

Part-II Network Administration in LINUX

  1. Introduction to Networks
  2. Introduction to OSI And TCP model
  3. Introduction to IP addressing
  4. Introduction to DNS
  5. Introduction to DHCP
  6. Configuring of Complete network in Linux (giving network pool, DHCP, Gateway and DNS)
  7. Introduction to SSH, telnet and its configuration
  8. Introduction to Apache server and its configuration

Part-III Red Hat Package Manager

  1. Complete Introduction to RPM
  2. Working to RPM
  3. Manuals for RPMs
  4. Introduction to tar files and their configurations
  5. Configuring of Webmin
  6. Introduction to Webmin
  7. Working of Webmin
  8. Linux to Rescue and Recovery Process

Part-IV File Systems and User Administrations

  1. User Administration in LINUX
  2. Administration of File System
  3. Linux Essentials
  4. Configuring of services for file sharing
  5. Configuration of files and basic services
  6. User Administration and User Environment
  7. Administration of Groups, quotas and other privileges
  8. The Network File system (NIS)

Part-V Web Administration in LINUX

  1. Configuring of SQL servers
  2. Programming for SQL servers
  3. Creation of databases
  4. Programming section
    1. Introduction to programming
    2. Execution of programs in LINUX
    3. Creation of Parent/Child processes
    4. Creation of make files in LINUX
    5. Creation of configuration files in LINUX
    6. Execution of those files in LINUX
    7. Execution of lock file programming
  5. Linking of databases to programming files.
  7. The Linux Kernel – Part II
  8. The APACHE Web-server configuration
  9. Banners having issue and motd
  10. Running of Mail services
  11. Working of Mail Services
  12. Pre-configured mail services in LINUX
  13. Sending of Mails on Linux hosted servers

Part-VI Security Administration in LINUX

  1. Introduction to LINUX Security
  2. Introduction to GRUB
  3. Working of GRUB
  4. Hacking into GRUB and Kernel
  5. Escalation of ROOT Privileges
  6. Patching of GRUB
  7. Introduction to NIS server
  8. Creation of Master Server and Slaves using the NIS server
  9. Creation of Chattr and Lsattr
  10. Creation of NTP server and their security
  11. Cryptography related to LINUX
  12. Encryption and decryption of data using gpg encryption
  13. Sashing of the stack
  14. Opening of vulnerable code in debugger
  15. Exploitation of vulnerable code
  16. Showcase of stacks, memory locations and other pointers in memory locations
  17. Patching of those vulnerabilities

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