Best CMS Training in Jalandhar & Best Laravel Industrial Training in Jalandhar


Laravel is a next generation framework used primarily for developing robust dynamic web applications. Ingenimos offers best Laravel development training in easy way.

Course Objective

  1. Learn Laravel Concepts
  2. Learn programming with Laravel
  3. Create web applications using Laravel

Why Laravel Training?

Laravel is an open source MVC framework like CakePHP and CodeIgniter. Laravel has emerged as the best frameworks to learn in 2015 as it offers numerous features over the previous mvc frameworks.
Laravel is the most famous framework among’st the many MVC frameworks. It helps to develop a website using a simple and a clean code in a short time. This web application framework has clean, elegant, expressive and beautiful syntax structure.
If you are looking to build a career in web development learning Laravel will provide you better job opportunity and prominent career growth.

Module 1

  1. Introduction to Laravel
  2. Setup & Installation of Laravel
  3. Understanding Laravel Structure
  4. Understanding Composer

Module 2 (Core Laravel Concepts)

  1. Laravel Controllers
  2. Laravel Models
  3. Laravel Migrations and Seeds
  5. Working With Blade Templates
  6. Understanding Routes

Module 3 (Advance Concepts):

  1. Understanding IOC Containers
  2. Dependency Injection
  3. CRUD Operation using Laravel
  4. Authentication & Authorization
  5. File Upload and download
  6. Debugging and Error Handling
  7. Caching
  8. Security Best Practices/li>
  9. Setting up Admin Panel
  10. Unit Testing with PHP

Module 7 (Deployment):

  1. Creating Product Configuration
  2. Deployment of Application,