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On Testing

  1. Why testing?
  2. Test, Test, and Test Some More
  3. Overview of JUnit’s role in testing (automated, unit, isolated, etc.)

Introducing JUnit

  1. JUnit 101
  2. JUnit 3 vs. JUnit 4 vs. TestNG
  3. Getting started
  4. Using JUnit within Eclipse
  5. Test methods: testMethod or @Test method
  6. Assertions in TestCase
  7. Testing for exceptions
  8. Testing isolations
  9. Creating and organizing test fixtures with setUp/tearDown and @Before/@After
  10. Composing Test Cases into Test Suites
  11. Combining Test Suites
  12. Organizing Tests and Test Suites
  13. Executing Tests
  14. Showing Test Results
  15. Integration with Ant
  16. Reporting (XML and HTML)

Why JUnit?

  1. Testing with JUnit – Advantages
  2. Testing with JUnit – Disadvantages
  3. Exercise – Testing Simple Data Structures

JUnit Extensions

  1. Overview of JUnit Extensions: dbUnit, sqlUnit, httpUnit, htmlUnit, EasyMock, xmlUnit, etc.
  2. Testing with Stubs
  3. Testing with Mocks using EasyMock

Test-Driven Development

  1. Best Practices with JUnit and TDD
  2. Designing Java code with testing in mind
  3. Integration and functional testing with JUnit
  4. Exercise – Testing Complex Data Structures