ExpressionEngine Industrial Training


Course Contents

Part 1: Introduction and What We’re Building

  1. We kick off the course with a short introduction to the course by your instructor. After that we’ll review the site we’ll build during the course.

Part 2: Installing ExpressionEngine

  1. Before we can start building any ExpressionEngine site we need to first install the CMS. We’ll walk through all of the steps of installing ExpressionEngine.

Part 3: Configuring the Site

  1. With ExpressionEngine installed, we start to configure the site in the ExpressionEngine control panel. We add channels, field groups and fields, and statuses, and more. We wrap up by writing some code to start building out the Channel University homepage.

Part 4: Templates and Template Layouts

  1. Digging much deeper into templates, we’ll build out the majority of our templates, and learn the powerful layout and embed features. Layouts and embeds make it easy to reuse template code across the entire site.

Part 5: Creating and Using Categories

  1. All content must be categorized! We will cover how categories work in ExpressionEngine and set up related entries using the Related Categories Mode.

Part 6: Static Pages with the Pages Module; the File Manager

We’ll address the needs for one-off pages, like About, and how we can manage images uploads and manipulations or our news articles.

Part 7: Creating Relationships Between Entries

  1. Finally, we’ll wrap up our site by exploring the relationships field (including the new multi-relationship field) and by looking at some homework for you to do on your own.