Affiliate Marketing


For a business to succeed it important to create a connection between buyers and sellers and affiliate marketing does exactly that. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing technique where different publishers and websites help promote your products and services online.

Affiliate marketing works by rewarding an affiliate whenever your business earns a customer or sale through an advertisement on the affiliate’s website. Payments can be made by different means but in the end it’s all about different affiliates generating business for you.Affiliate marketing may not work for everyone but if you are an entrepreneur who is into selling products such as books, organic products or services such as travel agency then affiliate marketing can prove to be an effective tool for you. Affiliate marketing not only helps create traffic and increase visibility of your brand but it is also a low-risk digital marketing instrument since you pay your affiliates only when they convert sales for you.
Another benefit of affiliate marketing is that it helps entrepreneurs in their SEO efforts. Search engines prefer quality inbound links and with relevant affiliates promoting your business on their website, it is no doubt search engines will rank your business on top pages.
Affiliate marketing can be very beneficial for your business when performed in the right way. In our digital marketing training programme, you will learn how to create successful affiliate marketing plan for your online business growth.

Affiliate marketing course structure:

  1. Introduction to Affiliate marketing
  2. Different ways to perform affiliate marketing
  3. Affiliate marketing secrets
  4. Examples of people making money through affiliate marketing
  5. Top affiliate marketing networks

What do you take home – At the end of the course, you will understand the steps involved in creating a successful affiliate marketing plan for promoting your business. If you want to be an affiliate, then you will learn using real examples on how to start making money through affiliate marketing programme.

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