Microcontrollers ITRONIX CERTIFIED

Advance Robotics Industrial Training

Robotics Training in Jalandhar

Design and develop the following Robotics projects


  1. Line Follower Robot
  2. Obstacle Avoider Robot
  3. Obstace Follower Robot
  4. Phototropic Robot
  5. Photophobic Robot


  1. Mobile Robotics
  2. Maze Solver Robot


  1. Swarm Robotics
  2. Gesture Based Robot

RC Aircraft Design, Fabrication and Flying


Course Highlights

  1. Learn to Design and Build 7 different kinds of robots involving concepts from Sensor Based Autonomous Robotics, Mobile Operated Robots, Swarm Robotics and Gesture Based Robotics
  2. Courses designed under the guidance of IITians
  3. Well-structured program that spans from basics to advanced robotics
  4. Develop live working Robotics Projects

Course Structure

  1. Introductory lecture
  2. Interactive design session
  3. Fabrication session
  4. Live testing and competition of Robots
  5. Awards & Certificate distribution

Topics Covered

  1. Basics of Robotics
  2. Understanding the application of various sensors and integration with Microcontrollers
  3. Embedded Systems and embedded C programming
  4. Sensor Guided Autonomous Robotics – using various sensors
  5. Exposure to Mobile Communication
  6. Mobile operated Robotics – using DTMF module
  7. Understanding of Accelerometer sensors
  8. Gesture Based Robotics – using Accelerometer
  9. Introduction to Swarm Intelligence and its implementation in Robotics
  10. Swarm Robotics – using RF module
  11. Understanding the structure and programming of Microcontrollers

RC Aircraft Design, Fabrication and Flying

  1. Introductory Lecture on Aeromodelling
    1. Basics of Flight Dynamics & Aeronautics
    2. Different Systems in an Aircraft
    3. Stability & Control of an Aircraft
    4. Instrumentation in an RC Aircraft
  2. Interactive Design Session
  3. Fabrication Session
  4. Testing Session – all aircrafts designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team Roboversity


  1. Understanding rotary-wing aircraft and their Dynamics
  2. Exposure to Design and concepts of Embedded Systems behind Multicopters
  3. Fabrication of Quadcopter frame and its circuit
  4. Calibration and Testing of the developed Quadcopter
  5. Quadcopter Flying using Radio Control and competition

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