Best Web Designing Training in Jalandhar & Best Adobe Dreamweaver Industrial Training in Jalandhar

Adobe dreamweaver

Adobe® Dreamweaver® is the industry-leading web authoring and editing software that provides both visual and code-level capabilities for creating standards-based websites. This is a hands on class where you will be working on a real website that is specifically assign to you. You can continue to experiment and practice on your web site even after the class at your own leisure. We also address the issues of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which can be invaluable to anybody that has an web site.


  1. choosing a workspace
  2. document window & toolbars
  3. the document window
  4. the launcher
  5. the insert panel & tool sets
  6. the document toolbar
  7. the property inspector
  8. dockable floating panels
  9. using contextual menus

Site Control

  1. defining a site
  2. file and folder management
  3. creating site maps
  4. using the file browser
  5. create a site from nothing


  1. defining the site
  2. creating and saving documents
  3. inserting images with assets panel
  4. adding text
  5. aligning page elements
  6. modifying page properties
  7. creating links with text and images
  8. adding keyword & description meta tags
  9. preview in browser
  10. define a secondary browser


  1. link with point to file
  2. linking to new source files
  3. browse for file and link history
  4. anchor links
  5. email links
  6. file links
  7. imagemaps


  1. html text formatting
  2. font lists
  3. text alignment
  4. html lists
  5. color schemes
  6. text in tables
  7. flash text
  8. character objects


  1. insert and modify a table
  2. fixed width tables
  3. relative width tables
  4. hybrid table
  5. insert tabular data
  6. sort table data


  1. simple rollovers – insert rollover
  2. simple rollover – swap image behavior
  3. multiple-event rollovers
  4. flash buttons

Cascading Style Sheets

  1. redefining HTML tags
  2. defining a custom class
  3. CSS selectors
  4. CSS selectors to group tags
  5. linking to external CSS
  6. CSS reference panel


  1. editing in the code view
  2. code view options
  3. quick tag editor & attribute hints
  4. cleanup HTML
  5. cleanup word HTML
  6. code validator / XHTML


  1. form objects
  2. creating a form
  3. creating a jump menu


  1. set text of status bar
  2. open browser window behavior
  3. downloading and installing extensions


  1. history panel
  2. copy / paste history
  3. create web photo album

Templates and Library Items

  1. templates in action
  2. creating / modifying templates
  3. library items in action
  4. creating / modifying library items

Inserting Media Objects

  1. linking to sounds
  2. embedding sounds
  3. inserting flash content
  4. inserting director content
  5. inserting a quicktime movie

Get It Online

  1. putting files to the web server